Our Team

Ali A. Hashemi, B. Commerce & Economics 
Co-founder of Wave Telecom Corp , Over 25 years of extensive experience in industerial plant operations , business development , and management.

Managing Director:
Brian Saadatmandi, B. Eng. Civil & B. Sc. Construction Management
Over 20 years of engineering and management experience. He has delivered projects in the USA, China and Canada.

Technical Manager:
Ali Sajjadi, B. Eng. Mechanical
Over six years of engineering experience and three years of dedicated field R&D and supervision of earth energy systems design & installation.

Business Development:
Dave Schulte
Over 20 years experience in strategy development for longevity and sustainability; He is an expert in innovative products market development.

Dr. Ian Marshall (DBA)
International business development expert and has delivered projects in the United States, Canada, Japan, China and South Africa.

Advisors (Technical):
Eric Dickie, B Sc., M. A.
Mentor of geothermal design & installation and a pioneer in the field of earth energy system development. His contribution for advancement of geothermal industry in Canada is remarkable.

Wilhelm Maats, M Sc.
Over 30 years experience in engineering and management of gas pipe line industry. He has number of pipe line machinery innovation, design and engineering to his name.

Advisor (Procurement Engineering):
H. M. Awan, M Sc.
Over 30 years experience in procurement engineering for energy, power and other industries. He has delivered projects in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, India, Russia, Pakistan and Slovenia.

Founder & Technology Director:
Dr. Hamid R. Yazdi (DBA)
Over 30 years of experience in strategic planning for industry & energy innovation; He has delivered projects in the Netherlands, Iran, Italy, Canada, Germany, USA, UAE and CIS.