Facts from Kyoto Agreement

According to the data from International Energy Agency (IEA), using a heat pump for space heating (using electricity produced from the same fuel), on average saves about 50% of primary energy, compared to conventional fuel-fired boilers and furnaces. This means that if you change your heating and hot water system to geothermal, you can reduce the greenhouse gas emission from your home by 50%.

Presently, each Canadian is asked to contribute 1 ton to carbon dioxide emission reduction per year. By shifting to geothermal, you fulfill this commitment, without changing anything else in your life style. Moreover, using geothermal will increase your comfort by providing cooling and heating without using boilers and chillers.

According to the data from IEA, geothermal systems have the potential to reduce the greenhouse gas emission by 16% (or 58 billion tons per year at Global scale). No other single energy option has the same potential. The Canadian government has allocated over 1 billion dollars for incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Geothermal is eligible for these incentives.