Buyer's Guide - Commercial

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Every commercial project which is considering a geothermal (earth energy) system is concerned about the cost / benefits.  There are many economic benefits in using a geothermal system.  The benefits accruing to a property which has installed a geothermal system translate into higher value and demand in the market. 
The hoardings for projects often highlight geothermal energy as a major advantage to buyers.   These benefits include, but are not limited to the following:
  • The system requires much less space which in many cases can be used for better purposes or to generate revenue
  • Fossil fuel consumption is almost eliminated, which will generate compound savings for the life of the geothermal system
  • Expected life of a geothermal system (GHX)  is over 50 years 
  • The heating and cooling are provided through the same system
  • There is much less upkeep to worry about
  • There is much less maintenance and repair costs compared to conventional systems
  • Security of the geothermal energy supply is as solid as the ground you walk on.
    For more details, click on the following link to Natural Resources Canada Commercial Buyers Guide.