In a new construction, the implementation of MEG system selected will be incorporated into the total construction schedule. Our team will work with all concerned parties to ensure a seamless integration and optimum performance.
In the case of retrofit projects, the implementation will be programmed with the emphasis to keep the interruption of existing facilities to minimum.

A typical system installation includes: underground heat exchanger, circulating pump(s), heat pump(s) and other accessories required by design and selected options. All systems installed will be tested by highly trained technicians to ensure proper working order. We also will provide necessary training in order to minimize operating and maintenance costs and can also conduct a performance test, if required.
A hydronic / hot water radiant system, forced air system or sometimes a combination is used as distribution method with a geothermal system.  Forced air distribution systems are the most common in Canada and work extremely well with geo-exchange systems.
MEG will work with you to design and install the most intelligent, low-maintenance and dependable geothermal HVAC system to fit your specific design requirements.