Welcome to MEG Geothermal

MEG  is an energy solutions provider specializing in geothermal energy (Earth Energy System, geoexchange)  used for commercial and residential heating and cooling.

We work with mechanical engineers, architects, project owners, developers, builders, mechanical contractors and homeowners to design and install the most efficient systems for their projects.

MEG provides following services:
  •   Drilling
  •   Formation Thermal Conductivity testing (FTC); analysis and reports
  •   Design of the Ground Heat Exchanger
  •   Procurement & Engineering procurement
  •   Installation of the geothermal system

MEG is committed to delivering the best value in geothermal systems that maximize return on investment.

We believe in geothermal as an efficient, sustainable and clean form of energy. Our vision is to make geothermal energy accessible and we are dedicated to make this vision work for large commercial to small residential projects.